'Sonder' is about the emotional journey we all experience following the end of a relationship — from grief and denial to acceptance and growth. With 'Sonder,' we really wanted to push the boundaries of animated storytelling, not only by exploring themes that are mature and complex, but also by creating a distinct look for the film, combining the familiarity of two-dimensional animation with the richness of fully-realized 3D environments.

We also wanted to break new ground with our production process. 'Sonder' is one of the first animated films to employ real-time rendering with the Unity game engine, which made our editing and production workflow far more efficient. And we created a unique pipeline, optimized for our team of dozens of professional artists and animators based around the globe, from the Bay Area to France to Malaysia.

The resulting film is cutting edge in so many ways, but at its heart is just a simple love story, well told. We hope you enjoy it.