Hello World!

It’s pretty amazing what goes into the making of an animated short film.

The finished product may only be a few minutes long, but those few minutes represent years of hard work from dozens—maybe even hundreds—of talented contributors. It’s a long, challenging, at times maddening, but usually incredible process, filled with countless unexpected hurdles and tiny milestones and hard-earned victories along the way.

Unfortunately, audiences don’t often get to see any of that. All they experience is what ends up on the screen, never getting the full picture of what transpired behind the scenes.

We’re still hard at work on production of our short film, Sonder, but we already have plenty of stories to tell. Our team, our process, the technology we’re using, the events we’re attending, the partners we’re working with—we think it’s all pretty fascinating, and we bet you will too.

Thus, this blog.

Leading up to the debut of Sonder, and beyond, we’re going to use this site to share glimpses into life at Soba Productions. Our blog will feature details on Sonder’s characters and story, samples of artwork from the film, profiles of our amazing crew members, updates on what conferences and festivals we’re participating in, and deep dives into the cutting-edge tools and techniques we’re using to bring the film to life. In the process, we hope to give our fans a better sense of who we are as a team, and why we think Sonder is going to be so special.

So, bookmark this page, or follow us on Facebook, and expect regular updates as production continues over the months ahead. And of course, if you have a question for us, or an idea for a topic we might cover here, please don’t be shy—let us know! This blog is for you, after all.

Thanks for reading!